About us

The company

Founded in 1998, Leatex is one of the main players in the Hungarian sorting market. It imports the base materials from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Leatex exports its graded products in bulk to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Romania and many other countries. It also exploits two wholesale outlets in Hungary and Romania.

Leatex employs approximately 80 people at its 4.500m2 production facilities in F├╝zesabony. Its qualified workers process over 400.000 kg. of clothes per month.

Mission Statement

Textile production has massive environmental impact. The cultivation of cotton is for example marked by a high consumption of water and pesticides.

Recycling has therefore a substantial positive impact on ecology and contributes to a proper respect for nature.

Being a 4th generation family company this is very important to us, we hope that it will secure the future for Lea, our 5th generation.